Important dates to remember when buying a property.

Your agreement of purchase and sale to purchase a property includes dates which allow you time to complete your due dilligence on your proposed purchase. On or before the date they are due by, they conditions will require a written waiver confirming you're satisfied with them. Throughout the condition period, you will work closely with your REALTOR® to ensure your due dilligence goes as smoothly as possible. 

Conditions can include things such as:          

>Deposit for purchase
>Financing arrangements have been made
>Property Inspection
>Insurance arrangements
>Property disclosure statement review
>Review of utility bills
>Lawyers Review of agreement
>Water and septic testing for rural properties
>Approvals for intended use of vacant land.

Things to do leading up to Closing Day:        

In conjunction with ensuring the above condition dates of your purchase and sale agreement are fulfilled, purchasers are reminded of the need to make arrangements with utility service providers to ensure services remain uninterrupted and are in place on closing day:

NS Power – 1-800-428-6230
Telephone/Cable/Internet Company (Ask your REALTOR® for a list of providers for your area)
Insurance Company
Canada Post (Forwarding of mail to your new address)
Oil, gas and leasing Companies
Transferable warranties (home, appliances, heating/ cooling equipment)

Pre-closing viewing

Typically a residential agreement of purchase and sale contains a clause that allows the buyer(s) to view the property to ensure it is in the same condition as it was when the offer was made. The pre-closing viewing should be completed as close to the actual time of closing as possible and preferably after the sellers have vacated the property to ensure no damage was done during the moving process. Ensure any chattels (i.e. fridge, stove, etc.) that were to remain, are indeed there and in good working order. The various household systems and equipment (heating/cooling/plumbing, swimming pool etc.) should be checked as well to ensure they are in good working order.

Each property and transaction is unique; this material serves as a guide only and is by no means all inclusive. If you have questions or concerns regarding your transaction, please contact your HLM Realties REALTOR®, we are here to help.

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